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landskrona citadel

Who Is Haseeb?

This is the University in Sweden where I did my master’s program. (Landskrona Citadel)

I was living in the dorms for the first time ever and experiencing a new life. It was such a beautiful time in my life because it showed me how to be independent. So there I was, a brown Pakistani boy in Sweden and out of my home for the first time embarking on this new journey. I was a foreigner but I felt accepted by everyone. I did the entire digital nomad and passive income/four-hour-work-week in 2013-14, when I essentially retired and traveled around the world. 

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They loved me

Audiences seem to love him

I've had the pleasure of moderating a panel with Haseeb, and also interviewing him as a featured guest on a growth marketing webinar. Haseeb comes across as incredibly knowledgeable about marketing technologies and trends. Audiences seem to love him, based on the number of questions they ask, as well as how they swarm him after panels.

JIM TOMCZYK  //  Startup Adviser

Spoke at our Mobile Growth LA meetup

Haseeb has been an integral contributor to Branch and all our activities. He’s part of our 2018 Mobile Growth Handbook, participated in our Enterprise webinar series, and spoke at our Mobile Growth LA meetup. If you need someone with insights and tactics on how to succeed in mobile, Haseeb is an excellent choice!

CHYNTHIA CHIANG  //  Marketing Manager Branch

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