Automation vs Humanistic Automation

It is true that automation is the need of the hour and it can do wonders for you by freeing up your time as you schedule your important task and activities. But does it actually benefit your business to the limit it should?

Businesses today thrive on personal connections and trust. Personalization has become excessively important to differentiate your brand, retain existing customers, and acquire new consumers. That’s why automation alone, without the essence of personalization, does more damage to your business in the long term than the benefits it offers.

One must ask then how to manage the increasing flow of work in this fast-paced life?

The answer here is that you need to focus on Humanistic Automation rather than automation. Humanistic automation is the process of automating your marketing services while also delivering a personalized experience. It’s the act of delivering the right content, at the right time to your customers.

Automation kills personalization, whereas humanistic automation tools foster it.

Learn more about humanistic automation in my video.