Create Your Own Video Streaming App

In the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in video streaming apps around the internet world. But we never seem to have enough. With the advancement in technology, and the ever-develop entertainment industry, there’s always more to do, and better features to introduce to optimize people’s experience.One most important aspect of having your video … Read more

How to Ace Modern Marketing?

As a marketing brand, you need to realize that modern marketing is an art and a science all combined into one. To elaborate on that, what I mean is that your modern marketing approach needs to take logic and aesthetics in mind when trying to sell to the audience. Another thing to keep in mind … Read more

Strategize Newsjacking for Brand Success

Newsjacking is one of the easiest and surefire methods of gaining the audience’s attention in the market. When you see a trending topic in the mainstream media, you need to align it in your strategy to gain attention. This is how a lot of food brands gain their audience’s attention when they capitalize on a … Read more

Retention is a Strategy – Use It!

If you’re a SaaS service that needs to reduce churns, strategize on retention. Because retaining old customers costs 5x lesser than investing in bringing new customers. Retention of your existing customers also ensures better loyalty for your brand than new ones.To make a retention strategy that sticks, you need to study what you’re providing to … Read more

Preventing SaaS Churns – Here’s What Works

Don’t want SaaS churns to ruin your marketing strategies and lose customers? You need to get into the customer’s shoes. Think about it, would you ever want to invest your money in a product or service that no longer benefits you? Will you continue investing in a service knowing you can get a cheaper price … Read more

Hitting the Target with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the trend in today’s world, but are you sure you’re hitting the target with your influencer campaign? There is a lot that comes into consideration when choosing why and when you want to begin your influencer marketing campaign, but most brands overlook the ‘who’ aspect of it.It’s important to know that the … Read more

Why Timing Plays An Important Role in Idea Execution

It takes some time, but when the right idea strikes your head, you just know you need to take the steps for execution before it’s too late and someone else has already capitalized on it. Digital ideas are generic, anyone can come up with any invention that you were just thinking about. Hence, when you … Read more

How to Make Influencer Marketing Work For Your Brand

More and more brands are getting into the concept of influencer marketing. Almost every day on Twitter you find a brand’s trending hashtag that’s being run by influencers to promote a said brand. If you still haven’t invested in a good influencer marketing campaign for your brand, now is the time for you to begin.For … Read more

Tips to Getting Your Dream Job

Did you know? Half the candidates who appear for a job interview don’t even prepare ahead of it to make a significant difference. But to appear unique and worthy, you need to do the preparation to make sure you make a good impression on the interviewer. Almost 90% of candidates don’t think about that part, … Read more

Marketing Automation and How to Use It Effectively

One of the biggest problems faced by audiences nowadays is the bulk of emails pending to be read in their inbox. Let’s consider it for a moment, a person gets 5 emails per day from a single brand. Now multiply that with 8 different brands sending the same person 5 emails each day. No one … Read more