Getting Started With Personalized Marketing Campaign

Personalized marketing is the act of delivering messages directed to a specific prospect. Because the competition among the brands has gotten tougher and consumers have more options than ever, it has become almost a survival technique for brands to develop a personal connection with their audience to yield their trust for the purpose of driving their brand’s growth.

With every brand focusing on personalized marketing and the innumerable benefits, you might want it too. But the struggle begins with the 3 most common questions: Who do I personalize for? What should I personalize? And where do I personalize?

Let’s find out the answer to these 3 questions.

In the first question ‘Who’ refers to your audience for whom you need to personalize. You need to analyze their interests, persona, product intent, customer journey, firmographics, and price sensitivity. Based on this information, you can create your personalized content to make it more engaging and result-oriented.

The most tricky part comes when you are unaware of what you should personalize. Here is a list of options you can choose from: content, call-to-action, user experience, images, and product offers. A helpful thing can be using a content recommendation engine that guides you about the content relevant to your target audience.

And lastly, you can choose from a wide array of channels to promote your personalized messages. These channels include websites, mobile ads, emails, and offline mediums.

Personalization is a key to acquire new customers and retain the old one. The above three questions will help you create a result-oriented personalized strategy for your next marketing campaign.