How To Handle Social Media Trolls?

Social Media has been a powerful tool both for brands and their target audience. On one hand, it enables brands to connect with their audience and build meaningful connections, on the other hand, it allows the social media users to share their positive and negative reviews which helps brands to improve upon their services. But sometimes this criticism can turn from a constructive review towards something completely outrageous, and incorrect tarnishing of the company’s image.

In the age where social media serves as the major platform to grow your brand, sometimes social media managers need to answer these commenters in a way that secures the brand image. Here are 3 ways you can handle social media trolls:

1- Respond With Humor (When Appropriate)

Trolls want one thing, and that is attention. Although they are trying to create a negative image of your brand, at the same time they are also giving you the chance to get in the limelight while making good use of your humor.

2- Be Responsive

Sometimes anger is the reason for a troll. Therefore, listen to your customer’s complaints and try to come with a satisfactory response as soon as possible. Being responsive in communicating with them can be a highly effective marketing strategy.

3- Take The Conversation Offline

A usual response to social media trolls is deleting the comment. However, I believe the best way is to respond with professional courtesy and kindness. Ask for their email or contact number to register a formal complaint and thank them for sharing their feedback.