Kick-start Your First Digital Product Within 24 Hours

Every one of us wants to create a passive income stream, but we don’t know how to get started? And the reason that you keep procrastinating about is not that you are missing ideas, the missing element is the action plan.

It’s always scary to work on the creation of the product when an idea hits you because you think you might be irrational while having a rush of adrenaline. But using all this adrenaline and excitement is what you need. Don’t doubt yourself, don’t stop to reconsider and just trust yourself.

Why start your product in the first 24 hours? Because it is much easier to keep yourself accountable for a short span than for 3 months or so.

Let’s get started on the action plan.

Step 1: Align your idea with your business goal

Before getting started and dedicating your time to that one project, answer a few questions: Does it align with your goal? Can it be profitable? Will it be interesting to your existing audience? If the answer is yes, then only go for it. This will boost your confidence level and trust in the project.

Step 2: Create a step-by-step plan

As you have passed the first step, there is no time for doubt. Create a   plan with all the tasks that need to be executed. You will definitely have tasks that need over 24 hours to be implemented so don’t include them and work on those only which can be done in the next few hours. It’s okay if you don’t know about all the tasks, it’s all about to just get started.

Step 3: Look for a way to keep yourself focused

You can adopt various ideas that suit you the best. Few ideas to choose from can be to go 100% offline, take a space from people around you, make a time management schedule, and prepare a to-do list.

Step 4: Start creating

Get in the momentum and start getting things done. Get in the zone and get things done.

So are you ready to launch your product in the next 24 hours?