Marketing Automation and How to Use It Effectively

One of the biggest problems faced by audiences nowadays is the bulk of emails pending to be read in their inbox. Let’s consider it for a moment, a person gets 5 emails per day from a single brand. Now multiply that with 8 different brands sending the same person 5 emails each day. No one is going to sit back and open about 40 different emails, half of them not even relevant. This is the problem most marketers make with their marketing automation strategy.

I prefer to call my marketing automation approach ‘Humanistic Automation’. This means that brands shouldn’t just spam people with hundreds of mails rather focus on building an emotional connection with the audience that can be effective in the long-run.

Investing in influencer marketing is another trend that marketers should look into for their automation strategy. Influencers can be anyone that your target audience trusts and listens to, so that’s something you can capitalize on while looking to strengthen bonds with your audience and customers. There are many ways your marketing automation can bring success and spamming your audience doesn’t have to be part of this process.