Retention is a Strategy – Use It!

If you’re a SaaS service that needs to reduce churns, strategize on retention. Because retaining old customers costs 5x lesser than investing in bringing new customers. Retention of your existing customers also ensures better loyalty for your brand than new ones.

To make a retention strategy that sticks, you need to study what you’re providing to your customers and where you’re going wrong with it. Change your service strategy to fit the one that satisfies your customers. Ask the audience what changes they want to see you bring in your services and provide them with those services to ensure maximum retention.

Many marketers have still not realized the significant role a clever retention strategy can play in their strategy, and that’s what costs them in the long-run as they end up losing loyal customers and as a result face losses in sales. Hence, every brand needs to conduct proper research on bringing the best retention strategy to the table to become successful.