Why Timing Plays An Important Role in Idea Execution

It takes some time, but when the right idea strikes your head, you just know you need to take the steps for execution before it’s too late and someone else has already capitalized on it. Digital ideas are generic, anyone can come up with any invention that you were just thinking about. Hence, when you get an idea, you need to immediately put it down on paper and start working on a plan of action. Research shows that people forget their creative ideas in the first 24 hours. So the quicker you work on it, the more the chances of success.

Take time away from people, sit down to work on a plan, make a step-by-step schedule of what you need to do, and when. Do all of this in the first 24 hours when the idea is still fresh in your head and your brain is still excited to be working on the topic. Don’t focus on the harder steps, for now, just make a proper plan for all the easier ones, and deal with the hard ones after the execution is aligned to be worked upon.